(585) 302-9034
New today! 09-28-15

Google TTS Patch
New today! 07-29-15

SSL/Asterisk Alerts
Apply fixes NOW! 10-20-14

Critical FreePBX Alert
Update FreePBX NOW! 10-01-14

Bash #2 Security Alert
Apply patch NOW! 9-26-14

Apply patch NOW! 9-25-14

Check your version! 9-10-14

Apply TM3 security fix! 6-18-14

(269) 870-4523
Upgrade OpenSSL Module NOW! 4-8-14

FreePBX Alert
Upgrade Framework Module NOW! 2-6-14

Amazon AMIs EOL
Amazon AMIs may be disabled 1-25-14

Firewall Update
Apply Patch Now! Date: 10-27-13

FreePBX Alert
Check Your Server Date: 08-22-13

Fix for NWS Changes Date: 07-09-13

Travelin Man Alert
Apply patch NOW Date: 06-09-13

Apache SSL Bug
Apply patch NOW Date: 06-01-13

Fail2Ban Bug Fix
Apply patch NOW Date: 04-09-13

(435) 637-9699
Fix IPtables firewall. Date: 02-04-13

Asterisk Alert!
Urgent DOS problem! Date: 01-04-13

Security Alert!
IPtables PROBLEM! Date: 12-03-12

IPtables FAILURE! Date: 10-30-12

Security Alert!
IPtables problem! Date: 9-28-12

Asterisk Alert!
Secure your server! Date: 5-30-12

Mandatory Security Update
Apply patch NOW! Date: 3-28-12

(323) 967-5019
Apply these fixes NOW! Date: 3-26-12

Apply FreePBX updates NOW! Date: 3-23-12

Web Security Alert
Close web access to PIAF NOW! Urgent! Date: 8-11-11

Asterisk Alert!
New security fixes! Date: 6-29-2011

Password Alert!
Run passwd-master NOW! Date: 4-18-11

Asterisk Alert!
New vulnerabilities! Date: 3-18-2011

All Asterisk versions need updating if you use t.38 for faxing! Date: 2-22-11

Fail2Ban Alert!
Asterisk 1.8 Needs Patch! Date: 1-30-11

Asterisk Alert!
SIP vulnerability! Date: 1-18-2011

Security Alert!
Secure all of your extension passwords!

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