Our Logo
The sun behind the hill represents the rising glory that comes when our children achieve certain levels of education. This education helps our children to build proper attitude, character, and knowledge. With that, our children will be better equipped to pursue their dreams.

However, this journey towards the rising glory is not an easy route. At LEJOUR, our teachers have paved a road properly lit as represented by the letter “J”. LEJOUR & its teachers are here to make the learning journey easier and more enjoyable! Give us a chance to encourage and inspire the child to succeed at his own will.

Our Mission
Educate individuals to become effective learners who are driven by curiosity & inspired by knowledge.

Our Vision
An inspiration to the education sector in its ability to recognise individuals, enabling smart learning for effective knowledge acquisition.

Our Tagline: Freedom Through Education
LEJOUR believes that every child deserves the best education. In our highly competitive society, many of us have our dreams dashed as we do not meet the pre-qualifications to chase it. How many young minds are told each year that they are not good enough to study a certain course or at a school of their choice because their grades just weren’t good enough or that they didn’t study the necessary subject?

Only by obtaining the necessary education can our children have the freedom to choose and chase their dreams, to decide their own future.